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"Meeker School District - Accredited with Distinction" Meeker School District has been Accredited with Distinction again in 2017! ClickáHERE for updated information on Accredited with Distinction
HS Computer Applications
Instructor: Mrs. Pfau   
Class Announcements
Week of April 19 - 23
No school for Students

Learn how to add functions and if/else statements  to your code

Wednesday - Thursday:
Practice with a excercises
1. dog moves to a fire hydrant
2. kangaroo hops on box
3. two girls playing volleyball (just jumping part)

See what you can add to your project from what you have learned.
Week of April 12 - 16
Choose a topic for your 3D Animation
Start choosing Objects

Storyboard your project and get it approved for production

Wednesday - Friday:
Program your story
Check out my attached files section for the rubric
Week of April 5 - 9
Exercise 1 - Do together as a class
Create a snow people world.  Several snow people are out doors on a snow-covered day.  (One boy, and two girls talking) A snowman is trying to meet a snowwoman who is talking with a friend.  The snowman tries to get her attention.  He turns to face the snowwoman and says "Ahem."  She turns to look at the snowman and he blinks his eyes at her.  She gives him a "cold shoulder" and turns back to talk with her friend.  He hangs his head in disappointment and turns away. 

Exercise 2 - Do together as a class
Circling Fish:
Create an island world with a fish in the water.  (You may wish to reuse the island world created in an exercise from lesson 1).  Position the fish and the camera point of view so the scene has the fish in front of the island and to the left.  Write a program that has the fish swim around in a circle in front of the island.  Next, have the fish swim around the island.  You may wish to have the fish move asSeenBy the island.  Finally have the fish jump out of the water and then dive down into the water.  The final scene should look somewhat like the initial scene. With the fish back in roughly the same position as where it started.

Exercise 3 - Do storyboard first together, then program on their own.
Tortoise Gets a Cookie:
Create a world having a tortoise, a stool, and a cookie with the cookie on the stool.  position the tortoise and the stool side by side and then use the move method to move the tortoise 2 meters away from the stool.  Use the turn to face method to be sure the tortoise is facing the stool.  Write a program to move the tortoise go to the stool to get the cookie.  Have him look at the cookie and then look at the camera.  Have the tortoise show its thanks by looking at the camera and waving an arm.  Then have him think...Thanks!

Exercise 4 - Do on their own, submit storyboard first prior to programming
Magnet Fun:
Create a world where Mana has a magnet held out in her left hand.  Add five metallic objects of your choice to the world and one by one have Mana point the magnet at each object.  As Mana points the magnet toward an object, have the object move to the magnet.  Have the last object be very large (perhaps a car) so when Mana points at it, she instead is pulled toward the object while saying something like "Whoa!" or "Yikes!"

Start to plan out their own stories.  They are to come up with a storyboard and short animation of their own.  At this time they need to determine what objects they will be using and a general storyline with a begining and an end. 
Week of March 29 - April 2
Finish Audacity project
Save the project file as one .wav file

Start programming with Learn to Program with Alice
(free download from Carnegie Mellon University)
Learn the work environment
Get familiar with object oriented programming concepts
Do the Tutorials

Wednesday - Friday:
Lesson 1 - Create a world and place objects in the world
a. Create an island with a fish
b. Create a winter scene with two snowpeople
c. Create a pile of snowpeople
d. Create a tea party (alice and the hair)
e. Create a group of toy soldiers on the deck of a carrier ship

Week of March 15 - 19
  • Finish getting your questions set - you need between 13 - 17 questions and answers
  • Record all of your spoken parts
No Class

  • Upload songs and start splicing them in Audacity
No Class

  • Final edits
  • Make all volume approximately the same level
  • Add fade ins and fade outs to the song clips
  • Save as a WAV file
Week of March 8 - 11
See the homework assignment for details on this project


Pick a person for an interview
Write the introduction

Come up with 3 questions and answers for your interview

No Class

Come up with 4 questions and answers for your interview
Record your introduction

No School
Week of March 1 - 5
Lesson 6 Excel - Multiple Worksheets
  • Create a Template
  • Create and define a new style
  • Research to find synonyms
  • Create multiple worksheets
  • Create Cylinder Charts
  • Create headers and footers
  • Link data from multiple sheets to a summary page
Finish Excel 6 - Multi page workbooks

Review for test

Test on Excel
Part 1 - Multiple Sheets
Part 2 - Loan Payments
Part 3 - Lists/Tables
Part 4 - Yacapaca Vocabulary

Access 4 - Reports
  • Create a report
  • Sorting and grouping in a report
  • totals and subtotals in a report
  • multiple tables in a report
Week of Feb 22 - 26
Hand in Work from last week

Tuesday and Wednesday: 
Lesson 5 Excel - Lists and tables
  • Create lists in a spreadsheet
  • Validate Data
  • Add Computational Fields to a list
  • Create a VLOOKUP function
  • Examine Data with the Toggle Total Row
  • Print a list
  • Sort a list
  • Organize a spreadsheet with groups and outlines
  • Query a list
  • Create a COUNTIF function
  • Save to different file formats

Change of plans

Take the spreadsheet for a loan payment for a car that you created.

1.       Find a used car from and fill in the information for

a.       Price

b.      Interest rate –

c.       Length of loan

d.      Update the bottom table by redoing the steps – SEE MY WIKIBOOK WEB PAGE FOR DIRECTIONS, I KNOW YOU FORGOT HOW.  J - (10 extra credit points if you have this part done)

e.      Place a picture of your car at the bottom of the spread sheet

f.        Make the car a link to the web page where you go the picture from ( I will check this tomorrow for 5 extra credit points)

g.       Print to the 4250 – make sure your name is on it – this is worth 20 but you could earn 35.

2.       Find a House from and fill in the information for

a.       Price

b.      Interest rate –

c.       Length of loan

d.      Update the bottom table by redoing the steps – SEE MY WIKIBOOK WEB PAGE FOR DIRECTIONS, I KNOW YOU FORGOT HOW.  J - (10 more extra credit points if you have this part done)

e.      Place a picture of your house at the bottom of the spread sheet

f.        Make the house a link to the web page where you go the picture from ( I will check this tomorrow for 5 extra credit points)

g.       Print to the 4250 – make sure your name is on it – this is worth 20 but you could earn 35.

This is a limited time offer.  You can only earn the extra credit points if you do this on this day with the sub present.  Extra credit only on work printed and turned in!!!


Make up Work Day
Week of Feb 15 - 19
No School


Create a PowerPoint presentation for your option to spend your $1000 graduation gift from the excel spreadsheet you created earlier.

1.       One slide stating what option you choose

2.       One slide stating the costs/cons/negatives

3.       One slide stating the benefits/pros/positives

4.       One summary slide

5.       Graphics (pictures or clipart) on each slide

6.       Transitions between each slide

7.       Color scheme/theme for the slide show

8.       Turn it in to my hand-ins folder on the drive:
 S:/staff list/mpfau/hand ins/PC Apps - Period #/PowerPoint – 1000 gift


Decide a business you will start up.  It can be a service or a sales business. 


Service:  port-a-potties, lawn care, pet grooming/training, software development, web design, …
Sales: car sales, flower shop, grocery store, gift shop, pottery, art, …

Design a logo for your business in publisher, photoshop, paint, gimp,, whatever you are comfortable with.  It should include the name of your company, graphics, and a color scheme.

NOTE: you will be coming up with business cards and a brochure (on Thursday and Friday) for your business and what all you have to offer. 

Thursday and Friday
Create a set of Business Cards for your business
Create a Brochure for advertising for your business
Week of Feb 8 - 12
Consequences and Bad Credit
  • Consequencs for Poor Credit use
  • Resolving credit problems
  • credit reports
  • consumer rights
Review 4 sample credit reports and discuss your findings

Using Credit Wisely
  • Creating an danalyzing a budget
  • Analyzing spending and saving decisions
  • Understanding the components of credit
  • Using Credit Wisely
Creating A realistic College Budget That you Can Stick To
Creating A Budget
Why do I need a Budget
Pitfalls to Avoid

Build a Budget
The Spending Game

Wednesday - Friday
Test on Creidt
Start Excel 4 - Amortization Schedules
TSWBAT (The Student Will Be Able To):
  • Format and use borders to separate parts of a spreadsheet 
  • Asign names to cells for global reference
  • Determine the monthly payment of a loan using the PMT function
  • Determine the present value of a loan using the PV function
  • Create a Data Table to help analyze data from the worksheet
  • Create an amortization schedule
  • Analyze data in a worksheet
  • Create a hyperlink in a worksheet
  • Print sections of a worksheet with the Set Print Area functions

Week of Feb 1 - 5
What is Credit
  • Debit vs Credit
  • Types of Credit
  • Credit Cards
  • Chcking vs Saving
HW - worksheet on family credit - If your familu is not comfortable sharing this information just send in a note letting me know you discussed it, but will not fill in the survey as the information is personal.
Finding Credit
  • Access to Credit
  • Who offers Credit
  • Marketing Techniques
  • Choosing a Card
HW - worksheet for tracking exposure to credit card marketing techniques over a week
Pros and Cons of Credit Cards
  • Benifits of using Credit
  • Costs to using Credit Cards
  • Simple and Compound Interest
  • Identity Theft
Make up day - Due to Mrs. Pfau being out of class sick and with FBLA


Spend it or Save it
  • Needs vs Wants
  • Reasons for spending
  • Saving vs Spending
  • Importance of Saving
Create a powerpoint and give a 2 minute presentation using cost-benefit analysis for determining the best option for using $1000 of gift money.

Week of Jan 25 - 29
Monday and Tuesday
Finish individual projects

Wednesday and Thursday
Take a test on advanced word processing

Start Excel Loan Payments
The Student Will Be Able To (TSWBAT): 
  • Control color and line thickness of cell borders
  • Assign global names to cells
  • Create formulas with assigned names
  • Create a formula for the monthly payment of a loan (PMT)
  • Create a formula for finding the present value (PV) and future value (FV) of a loan
  • Analyze data in a worksheet
  • Create an amoritization schedule
  • Analyze a worksheet by chaning values
  • Create a hyplerlink in a spreadsheet
  • Set a print area of a wordsheet
  • Hide and unhide cells in a worksheet

Week of January 18 - 22
No School
Start a lesson on how to create a Newsletter
The Student Will Be Able To (TSWBAT): 
  • Create and format Word Art
  • Insert Symbols into a document
  • Insert and format floating graphics
  • Format a section of a document to have multiple columns
  • Create a Drop Cap effect
  • Use section breaks, column breaks, page breaks
  • Format columns to have a vertical rule between them
  • Insert and format a text box
  • Use the Paste Special to link items in a document
  • Insert and format a diagram
  • Add a page border
  • Work with the web page features in Word
Finish Newsletter
Thursday and Friday
Pick a project: Form Letter or Newsletter and work on it.
Week of Jan 11-15
Monday 1/11
Finish the proposal document
Tuesday 1/12
Combine the documents from the group members and print it in color
Work on Vocabulary Games Chapter 4
Work on Vocabulary Quiz in Yacapaca - WD 4 - Proposals
Wednesday 1/13
Start new lesson on Generating Form letters, and mailing lables from combining a database and a word processing document.
The Student Will Be Able To (TSWBAT):
  • Use the Mail Merge Wizard to create a form letter
  • Use a letter template to help format the form letter
  • Create and edit a data source (data tied to an access database)
  • Insert and edit merge fields
  • Use an IF statement in a document
  • Create an outline numbered list
  • Merge and Print form letters
  • Sort Data records
  • Address and print mailing lables
  • Print envelopes
  • Use reviewing features to peer edit a document
  • Merge reviews into a document
Thursday 1/14
Work on lesson on using Access and Word together to create form letters
Friday 1/15
Finish the lesson on Form letters
Week of Jan 4 - 8, 2010
Create a Proposal Document
The Student Will Be Able To (TSWBAT):
  • Add a border and shading to a paragraph
  • Center page contents vertically
  • insert a section break
  • insert a page break
  • insert a text document into an existing document
  • Create and format headers and footers
  • Modify a Word Table
  • Add AutoSum to a  Table
  • Create a Chart from a Word Table
  • Add picture bullet lists
  • Create and apply a character style
  • Create a Table with the Draw Table features
  • Insert a Watermark
At the end of this lesson the students will need to create their own proposal for a change needed here at our high school. 
See Course Book for details of lesson, project and rubric for project
Week of Dec 14 - 18
Monday Dec 14- Review for Access Test
  • Yacapaca quizzes: AC1 and AC2
  • Go over queries you have been creating and make sure you can create calculations
  • Read the tasks on the test from the wikibook and ask any questions you have
Tuesday Dec 15 - Take the Access Test
  • Yacapaca - Access Basics Tast - Vocabulary
  • Wikibooks - Access Basics Test - Practical
Wednesday Dec 16 - No class
Thursday Dec 17 - Make up any work not turned in - or create a greeting card in Publisher
Friday Dec 18 - Make up any work not turned in - or create business cards
Week of Dec 7 - 11
We are currently studying Databases and working in Microsoft Office - Access

The students should have created their own business idea and be designing a database to keep track of the business basics. 

The student will be able to (TSWBAT)
Lesson 1: 
Create a Database
Create a Table
Create Fields and specify the data type and size
Create a Form to help fill in the table
Create a Report for the table

Lesson 2: 
Create a Query to pull information out of the table
  • Simple query
  • With one criteria in text or numbers
  • With two criteria in an AND relationship
  • With two criteria in an OR relationship
  • Parameter criteria
  • Joined two or more tables
  • Crosstab query
  • Perform calculations in a query
  • Sort the Data
  • Sort the data and omit duplicate data
  • Create a report from the query
Class Homework
No "Class Homework" exist(s)

Previous Class Homework

PP1 - Practice
Due November 11, 2009
PP1 - Project
Due November 13, 2009
PP2 - Practice
Due November 17, 2009
PP2 - Project
Due November 24, 2009
Due January 11, 2010
Audacity - Interview
Due March 19, 2010
Discussion Topics

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